We are a passionate and progressive boutique law firm, based in East Redfern that provides outstanding value and flexibility.


Most of the services we provide are available on a fixed fee basis rather than just on the usual old billable hours system.

We provide expert legal services in IP and ICT law, but also general commercial, wills and estates, property, building disputes and conveyancing.



Trieu Leculier
Position: Principal Lawyer

As the Principal Lawyer at Sydney Solicitors, Trieu has wide and varied experience in a number of industries that stands her in excellent stead to assist you in your needs. Trieu completed a combined Science and Arts degree at UNSW that led her to work for a number of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices companies over a 15 year period. This invaluable experience has given her a vast amount of knowledge in Medical issues as well as the hospital system providing a great insight into the practices and procedures of companies and hospitals helping her to find out what and where things may have gone wrong. Cosmetic medicine was also a great passion for Trieu and toward the end of her career in the medical industry, Trieu became business partners with a Doctor opening a successful Cosmetic Skin Practice in the CBD looking after clients skin and beauty needs.

After 15 years in the Pharmaceutical industry, Trieu commenced her studies in Law, graduating from the University of Technology, Sydney. Following her studies Trieu has worked for a number of different law firms that specialised in Building and Construction Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, Commercial Law, Wills Estates, and Probate and contracts and as well purchases of property within SMSF’s. Time at these practices equipped Trieu in a wide range of experiences and knowledge that she now brings to her own practice.

Trieu speaks three languages fluently English, Vietnamese, and French and can assist you by explaining the Australian Legal System in one of these Languages.

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Call us if you have a contract to draft or review when you are buying a business or commercial building contract, organising a binding financial agreement or signing a new work contract. We will give you advice to protect you in any contractual dispute that may arise and can represent you should you be in a dispute or before it gets to that.

Selling or Buying a property can be a stressful time in your life so finding the right person to help you in the process and give you good accurate advice is what you need. Trieu has extensive experience in all forms of conveyance from Strata Title houses, off the plan Strata, Company title. There are many pitfalls that can be avoided by choosing the right Lawyer to guide you through the process.

A few things that you should always do before signing a contract is: 

  1. Have a Lawyer look over the contract to ensure there are no nasty surprises

  2. Ensure you ask for any items you would like to be included in the contract of sale before you sign the contract.

  3. Negotiate for fairer terms and conditions of the contract for example lower penalty interest, reducing the percentage initial to the deposit of the purchase price at the exchange of contract.

Business leases are often not often reviewed by lawyers, but this is a costly mistake by business owners as it is your livelihood and when we reviewed prior to you entering this contract with the landlord, we reveal to you all your legal rights, liabilities, costs. We ensure that your lease is registered to protect your business and livelihood.


Our property and conveyancing services include:

  • commercial, industrial, retail and residential leasing;

  • Strata by-laws;

  • property development;

  • property and building disputes and representation;

  • easements, covenants and disputes over easements;

  • sale and purchase of residential or commercial property/ business;

  • liquor licensing and conveyancing; and

  • strata title disputes.