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Contract for services relates to the provision of work or services by an independent contractor (which may or may not be a company) to a person (which may or may not be a company) which does not give rise to the relationship of employer and employee.It is not always easy to determine whether someone is a contractor or an employee – it will ultimately depend on the circumstances of each particular case as there is no one single feature which is taken to be determinative of the contractual relationship. It is rather the “totality of the relationship between the parties must be considered to determine whether, on balance, the worker is an employee or independent

The Contract

contractor.” Taxation Ruling 2005/16.

This is not the place for a discussion of the various factors that may or may not be taken into account in any given situation. There is a substantial body of case law and determinations to which reference should be made in any consideration of the facts.

We provide contractual and pre-contractual advice and drafting services in relation to a number of categories of businesses and services, including business-to-business and business-to-consumers whether they are for the provision of technical, professional and consultancy services or goods or sub-contracted or outsourced services.


  • Design Consultancy services

  • Marketing services

  • Public Relations services

  • Sales Agency services

  • Equipment Maintenance services

  • Childcare services

  • Courier services

  • Cleaning services

  • Bookkeeping services

  • Management Consultancy services

  • Catering services

  • Health and Fitness services

  • Lifestyle and Image services

  • Purchase of goods and supply of related services

  • Design-type personal services

  • Technical and Science based services

  • Sub-contract provision of services

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